Hot Lunch Program

Parents: How to set up and start ordering hot lunches

We will be continuing to use an online ordering format for our 2017/18 hot lunch program. If you are a returning parent take a note that our program has changed! is our new program that is easier for parents and organizers to navigate.

It also allows us to no longer be restricted to pay via PayPal.  We are now able to pay online by credit card or direct online banking. Getting rid of our PayPal option has allowed us to decrease the cost of hot lunches this year for we no longer have PayPal fees.   

The funds that our school earns from our hot lunch program is used to go towards our children's field trips, teachers wish list and a student recognition. We have many vendors this year to offer a variety of healthy meals which include: Boston Pizza, Pita Pit, Opa, Mucho Burrito, Sushi Koon, Pressed a Sandwich co, Papa Johns, Jugo Juice, and Quiznos. 

We are hoping to get the support to continue running our hot lunch program for it is a school easiest fundraiser. 

Our hot lunch day will continue on Mondays and your orders will be due on Wednesday five days prior. You are able to order week by week month by month or for the full year whichever is most convenient for your family. As mentioned at the meet the teacher assembly we are trialing this year's program until December. Based on the number of orders received we will consider if it is worth the volunteers time to continue the Hot Lunch program throughout our school year.

We thank you for your support
St Martin De Porres hot lunch committee