School Counsellor


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The school counsellor is here to help ALL students be successful in our faith filled environment, socially, emotionally and behaviorally so they may access their education without barriers.

The School Counsellor will be providing:

  • Classroom Lessons- visiting all grades to teach social emotional skills such as feelings, communication, problem solving etc. dependent on the needs of the group.
  • Small Group Counselling- small groups for students who need a little extra support in certain areas.
  • Individual Support- work with students short term to work through problems and provide strategies with issues affecting them at school.
  • Consultation with Staff/ Parents- available to meet/ talk with teachers and parents to help support students and provide resources and education about issues affecting children.  

Mrs. Tara Lawrance- Teacher/ Counsellor

Parent Referral for Counselling

If you have any questions or concerns that you wish to discuss or believe your child would benefit from participating in school counselling/counselling groups or if you have family challenges with which you would like support please complete the form below on the link below and a member of our counseling team will contact you.

Parent Referral Form


Family School Enhancement Counsellors

Services offered:

  • Provide support services to families and children facing social, emotional and family challenges
  • Promote effective communication and parenting skills
  • Build skills with students in small groups 
  • Assist in finding information resources such as counselling or after hours crisis response workers
  • Collaborate with community agencies
  • Promote preventative opportunities within the schools and community 

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Ms. Julie Masson
Family School Enhancement Counsellor