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Student Leadership will be hosting a

Moustache Day on November 23

Students can purchase a stick on moustache or a face painted moustache for a $1.00 donation.

All money raised will go to the Prostate Cancer Society of Canada.


Hot Lunch Program


 We are hoping to get the support to continue running our hot lunch program for it is a school easiest fundraiser.

Based on the number of orders received we will consider if it is worth the volunteers time to continue the program throughout our school year.

To date, our numbers have been low so if you have not already done so please consider using this service.

Thank you from School Council


Studio days for any students who missed retakes.

The dates are as follows: Nov. 202223, and 29 - 5:00 - 7:00 pm 
To book your appointment call 403-356-9410, Ext. 4 or via email at romilon@lifetouch.ca


Transportation fees are due. Arrangements can also be made to pay monthly. Please contact the school office.

Student Agendas - $10. If you have not already done so, please submit your payment.

Submit your Boston Pizza receipts to help the school earn cash back in support of Social Justice projects at the school